How to Build a Refrigerator in Minecraft with Millie from GameKids | LEAGUE OF LET'S PLAY

Millie's got a Minecraft tutorial that's totally chill - an actual working Fridge full of cake and sweets! Like this video if you wish you had one in real life, too!
Minecraft Death Run! - http://bit.ly/1IWsUdG
From all across the Internet, the greatest kid game commentators have gathered for one purpose: to play the coolest games EVER! Each episode an awesome YouTuber host tries out a new app, mod or level. Enter into a world of epic Minecraft builds, addicting Candy Crush speed runs, hard hitting Super Smash Bros brawls and every game in between!
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Hosted by Millie Ramsey from https://www.youtube.com/gamekids
Producer: Chelsea Harfoush
Director: Geoff Ramsey
Editor: Trevor Collins

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