BabyFirstTV: Tillie Knock Knock Goat: Learn Animals For Toddlers

BabyFirstTV: Tillie Knock Knock Goat: Learn Animals for Toddlers, in this Tillie Knock Knock episode, your child will learn animal sounds and the name of the animal Goat by seeing and hearing Gabby the Goat, it will also build his/her English Vocabulary in a fun way with our cute character Tillie the duck! Babies, toddlers, kids of all ages will enjoy learning with this colorful and loveable video!

This helps children associate animals with their voices, learn about animals through their individual sounds and encourages children to explore sounds and sharpen their listening skills in a playful way furthermore learning to identify animal sounds helps children develop listening skills, a building block for literacy and this also helps in the development of social skills (friendship)

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About Tilie Knock Knock:
Tillie is a friendly neighborhood duck with a wonderful sense of humor and lots of friends. Tillie is so much fun to be around, that her friends are constantly dropping by her place for impromptu play-dates. Tillie loves when that happens, because then she can play her favorite game in the whole world—guessing who’s knocking on her door! As young viewers listen and play along, “Tillie Knock-Knock” introduces them to animal names and the typical sounds they make

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