Vegetables Song 2 (2D) | Cocomelon (ABCkidTV) Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

The second Veggie Song teaches kids about more different types of vegetables, and that eating healthy can be lots of fun!
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Veggie gardens, here we come!
Doo da, doo da!
Veggie Gardens, sing this song!
Oh de doo da day!

We love veggies too!
We love them, yes we do!
Veggie gardens, here we come!
Oh de doo da day!

Asparagus is long and thin, doo da, doo da
Frilly bits tickle your chin, oh de doo da day!

Zucchini grows in the summertime, doo da, doo da
Buy a bushel for a dime, oh de doo da day!

Mushrooms grow by trees, my dear, doo da, doo da
In the dark they have no fear, oh de doo da day!

Green beans long and thin in pods, doo da, doo da
Grow in twisted green vine squads, oh de doo da day!

Peppers got that sweet and spice, doo da, doo da
Hot in the mouth, makes you feel real nice, oh de doo da day!

Pumpkins are a kind of squash, doo da, doo da
Carved, they’re spooky, oh my gosh! Oh de doo da day!

Sweet potatoes are so sweet, doo da, doo da
Time with them is such a treat, oh de doo da day!

Cauliflower’s like a tree, doo da, doo da
Kinda like white broccoli, oh de doo da day!

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