Princess Colors "Hello Yellow" + More | Wheels On The Bus, Nursery Rhymes by Busy Beavers

Princess Colors is back in this 3D Animated Starry Adventure into Outer Space. Busy Beavers take a ride on a Magic Flying Bus into a Colorful Galaxy to Learn Colours & make New Friends.

Watch this 75 Minute Kids Learning Video packed with 3D Animation Nursery Rhymes, Learning Songs, Classic 2D Busy Beavers Hits, Live Action Painting Lessons, Educational Toys, Funny Puppets & More. Busy Beavers is Always Safe, Wholesome & Fun to keep Children + Students Engaged & Entertained while they Learn the Standard Preschool Curriculum with their favorite Busy Beavers Characters.

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Since 2006 Busy Beavers have been making Safe, Engaging, Educational Videos, Textbooks & DVDs used in Classrooms all over the World. We have been a YouTube Partner since 2009 with over 2.5 Billion Views. You can trust your Children with our Simple, Educational, Original Videos.

Track Listing:
Princess Colors "Hello Yellow" (00:04)
Wheels on the Bus (3D "All Day Long") (2:48)
Alphabet Phonics Song 4 (4:45)
Finger Family Baby Shark (8:57)
I Wash My Hands (Lesson)
The Bus is Red (10:56)
Learning Colors Surprise (Red) (13:19)
Red Car Song (15:08)
Colors of the Alphabet ABC (17:20)
Alphabet Toy School Bus ABC Lesson (19:32)
Pink Bus Wait for Me (22:01)
Learning Spaghetti (Pink) (25:13)
Princess 123s "I Can Count to 10" (26:36)
Wheels on the Bus (3D "All Through the Town") (30:11)
Colors of the Alphabet DEF (32:29)
Counting the Alphabet (34:30)
I'm a Little Teapot (36:50)
Princess Shapes "Mr. Circle" (40:34)
The Bus is Pink (43:17)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Club Singalong) (46:07)
Wheels on the Bus (2D Yellow Bus "All Day Long") (48:55)
Colors of the Alphabet GH (50:47)
Counting School Buses Lesson (52:25)
Red Bus Wait for Me (56:49)
Alphabet Toy School Bus 123 Lesson (1:00:05)
Count to 10 Song (1:02:09)
Learning Colors Surprise (Green) (1:04:43)
Colors of the Alphabet IJK (1:05:34)
I'm Happy Song (1:07:40)
Busy Beavers TV Show Theme Song (1:10:45)

Busy Beavers focus on core Toddler learning concepts like the Alphabet, Counting, Colors, Shapes & healthy habits such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth, eating vegetables & wholesome family activities like playing outside together.
Our Videos are always educational & safe for children to watch on their own or with parents, grandparents & teachers singing along.


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