Big vs Small Colorful Castle - Yes Yes Save Things! | Wolfoo Family Kids Cartoon

Big vs Small Colorful Castle - Yes Yes Save Things! | Wolfoo Family Kids Cartoon
Wolfoo made a huge colorful castle, but it wasted a lot of Wolf Dad's cardboard. Wolf Dad helped Wolfoo make a small colorful castle and learn to save things. Let's watch this video and learn good habits for kids with Wolfoo!
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00:00 - Big vs Small Colorful Castle
02:24 - I'm Sorry! Talking Light Bulbs
05:40 - Yes Yes Save Things!
09:10 - No No, Wolfoo! Garbage Monster Under the Bed
12:14 - No No! Bad Germs on Socks
14:34 - No No Wolfoo, Stop the Snacks!
17:47 - Clean up Trash and Learn Recycling for Kids with Talking Trash Can

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Director - Khoa Le
Scriptwriter - Lam Nguyen
Artist - Trang Nguyen, Hieu Nguyen, Phuong Bui
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Sound Design - Hoai Le, Nana
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