BabyFirstTV: Rainbow Horse: Coloring And Music | Musical Carousel And More: Baby Sensory Videos

BabyFirstTV: Rainbow Horse: Coloring and Music | Musical Carousel and More: Baby Sensory Videos, in this episode of Rainbow Horse, your child will enjoy seeing bright colors as different playground rides come to life like a carousel, see-saw and more accompanied by delightful music that will help to promote visual development, focus and motion tracking

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Rainbow Horse contains a variety of simple and engaging animation illustrating the important role of colors and music in every day objects that you and your baby will enjoy to watch together

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About Rainbow Horse:
With “Rainbow Horse,” families can saddle up and get ready to ride off with the rainbow horse on a magical journey of color, music and motion. Riding into a still, black and white frame, the rainbow horse comes galloping in and breathes life, motion and color into everything around it. The program showcases how colors relate to objects, animals and their overall environment.

About BabyFirstTV:
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