Yes Yes Fruits Song + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - CoComelon

JJ and Cody love to eat their yummy fruits! Yes, yes they do! Sing along with 2 hours of CoComelon healthy habits nursery rhymes for kids!
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00:00 Yes Yes Fruits
03:21 Jello Color Song
06:56 Counting Apples At The Farm
09:51 12345 Once I Caught A Fish Alive! V2
13:06 Hot Cross Buns
15:42 Treehouse Picnic
18:39 Johny Johny Yes Papa V2 (Parents Version)
20:59 My Mommy Song
23:52 Pasta Song
26:53 Ice Cream Song
29:30 Gardening Song
32:47 Pat A Cake V1
34:39 The Lunch Song
37:45 Christmas At The Farm
40:31 Yes Yes Stay Healthy Song
44:19 The Muffin Man
46:44 Pizza Song
49:39 Shopping Cart Song
52:43 Field Day Song
55:41 The Hiccup Song
57:54 Shape Song
01:02:07 Humpty Dumpty
01:04:35 Skidamarink V1
01:07:05 Five Senses Song V2
01:10:00 Helping Song
01:12:54 Loose Tooth Song
01:15:39 Ol' MacDonald (Baby Animal Version)
01:18:26 Sharing Song
01:21:57 Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)
01:24:22 First Day of School
01:27:12 Are We There Yet?
01:29:44 Numbers Song with Little Chicks
01:32:36 Baby Shark V2 (Hide and Seek Version)
01:34:42 Nap Time Song
01:37:44 One Potato, Two Potatoes
01:40:46 Shapes In My Lunch Box
01:44:14 The Most Compost
01:47:30 The Socks Song
01:50:27 Harvest Stew
01:53:19 Floor Is Lava
01:56:00 Namaste JJ
01:58:55 The Colors Song (with Popsicles)

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