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Five Little Birds will Teach Toddlers How to Count 1 to 5. Children will also Learn four different Colors - Yellow, Blue, Red & Green Plus More. ABCs, Numbers, Shapes & Colours Learning Songs for Babies & Preschool Kids.

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Track Listing:
Five Yellow Birds 00:04
Super Circus 3D Yellow Car Jump 01:45
Play the Alphabet on the Piano (3D) 02:20
Island Shapes Groove 04:07
Super Circus 3D Monster Trucks 07:16
Alphabet Phonics Song (3D) 07:42
Numbers Chant 10:48
Super Circus 3D Pink Car Jump 12:57
Sing the Alphabet 13:38
Learn Numbers with Kinetic Sand Castle (Number 3) 15:31
I'm a Little Teapot (3D) 17:00
Super Circus 3D Kid's Olympics 19:25
Stevie Steamer 3D Counting Animals 19:51
The Bus is Red (3D) 23:09
Learn Colors & 123s with Mini Tea Set (Number 4) 25:12
Count to 10 26:37
Super Circus 3D Yellow Car Jump 28:14
Busy Beavers TV Show Theme Song 28:48

Busy Beavers have been creating catchy songs with funny characters & colorful stories since 2006.
We focus on core Toddler learning concepts like the Alphabet, Counting, Colors, Shapes & healthy habits such as washing your hands, brushing your teeth, eating vegetables & wholesome family activities like playing outside together.
Our Videos are always educational & safe for children to watch on their own or with parents, grandparents & teachers singing along.


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