The Puffin Song - Puffin Of Newfoundland

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Here is a tribute to my father who lives in Newfoundland and LOVES Puffins! So do I Dad, so do I.

This is great tune for Elementary School Kids to learn about Puffins. Any Teachers out there who want to use this video for a lesson about Puffins of the North Atlantic - you have my permission to use this Vid!


The Puffin Song - by Dave Martin (Busy Beavers)

Puffin Island is in Elliston
And Elliston's in Newfoundland
And Newfounland's in Canada
You can see the Puffin there

Now the Puffin is a cute little guy
He can walk, he can run, he can swim, he can fly
He's kind of friendly but mostly shy
The Puffin of Newfoundland

His beak is orange just like a carrot
A little bit Penguin a little bit Parrot
In Elliston you'll see him there
It's the Puffin of Newfoundland

He's black and white with great eyesight
Can eat a fish in one big bite
A powerful swimmer and swift in flight
The Puffin of Newfoundland

The north Atlantic is his home
But wintertime down south he'll roam
Then every summer he'll come home
The Puffin of Newfoundland

Now if you'd like a holiday
With family and friends and games to play
And arts and crafts and swimming all day
Then I'd say Newfoundland

The people you'll meet are kind and sweet
There are moose and whales and berries to eat
And best of all you'll get to see
The Puffin of Newfoundland

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