Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ambulance Doctor Playset Disney Toys Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ambulance Doctor Playset Disney Toys Donald Duck Unboxing toy English Review
The Kids Club presents a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset!
Mickey is a doctor and drives his ambulance helping Donald Duck and all his friends! The Playset includes: an ambulance, Mickey Mouse figure, Donald Duck Figure, x ray screen, a wheelchair, a doctor bag and other medical accessories.

Mickey Mouse conduce su ambulancia dispuesto a ayudar a todos. El Pato Donald ha tenido un accidente y Mickey acude con su ambulancia al rescate. El set incluye una ambulancia, las figuras de Mickey Mouse y el Pato Donald, una camilla, una silla de ruedas y otros accesorios médicos.

Mickey mouse in other languages:
Micky Maus, ميكي ماوس (meekee maws), Мики Маус (Miki Maus), Myšák Mickey, 米老鼠 (pinyin mǐ lǎoshǔ) o 米奇 (mǐqí), Ratolí Mickey, 미키 마우스 (Miki Mauseu), Miki Maus, Mickey Mouse, Mikkel Mus, Myšiak Miky, Miki Miška, Miĉjo Muso, Miki Hiir, Mikki Hiiri, Mikυ Μαους, מיקי מאוס (Mīqī Maus), Miki egér, Miki Tikus, Mikki Mús, Topolino, Mikkii Mausu (ミッキーマウス), Miki Kuchi, Mikimauss, Peliukas Mikis, Мики Маус (Mikki Maus), Mikke Mus, Myszka Miki, Rato Mickey, Mickey Mouse (Camundongo Mickey), Микки Маус (Mikki Maus), Мики Маус (Miki Maus), Musse Pigg, มิคกี้ เมาส์, Miki Fare

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