Wheels On The Bus | Baa Baa Black Sheep | Top Kids Nursery Rhymes Compilation 18 Minutes

Watch Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep and many more of your favourite nursery rhymes. Hooplakidz created this 18 minute compilation so all the best nursery rhymes are now in one place!

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Full Nursery Rhyme Track List
1) The Wheels On The Bus
2) Baa Baa Black Sheep
3) Mary Had a Little Lamb
4) Five Little Ducks
5) Jack&Jill
6) Row Row Your Boat
7) Humpty Dumpty
8) Five Little Monkeys
9) Incy Wincy Spider
10) Old MacDonald Had a Farm

These classic nursery rhymes and children songs are produced and hand picked by HooplaKidz, to get you and your child singing along! For more preschool rhymes like Wheel On The Bus visit our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/hooplakidz

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