Can You Sing the Alphabet Backwards? Watch this Vid 3 Times and You Can. Impress your Friends, Classmates, Co-workers and people on the street with the amazing new skill you'll learn from this song.

People seem to think it's easy to recite the Alphabet Backwards. They're all like - "Hey Kid, Say the Alphabet Backwards" and you're like "No Problem! Z, Y,...X......Wait a second...." and suddenly you realize - "Holy Cow Man! That's not Easy!"

But NOW - (Thanks to this Video) - when someone asks you to say the Alphabet Backwards you can look them straight in the eye and just think about this incredibly Catchy Song that you know and love and imagine that you're on the stage auditioning for "American Idol" and open your mouth and just let this song rip - "Z, Y, X - W, V - U, T, S - R, Q, P - O, N, M, L, K, J, I - H, G, F - E, D, C, B, A - Eckhem, Now Your Turn" and they'll be all like "MOMMY!!!!"
Give it a try it's FUN!

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