Cody's Playdate with Nina + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | 2 Hours of CoComelon

Nina and Cody have a playdate but have to learn some important lessons about sharing their toys! Sing along and learn how to be a good CoComelon friend with 2 hours of positive songs and nursery rhymes for kids!
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00:00 Playdate with Nina
02:44 Yes Yes Vegetables (Cody)
05:47 Cody's Moving Day
08:29 Cody's Spy Song
11:02 I'm Going to be a Big Brother
13:40 Cody's Finger Family
16:13 Home Sweet Home (Nursery)
18:43 The Lunch Song
21:49 Cody's Special Day
24:18 This Box Rocks
27:03 Happy & You Know It (Cody)
29:50 Sick Song V2
32:13 This is the Way
34:41 Jello Color Song
38:16 The Wheels on the Bus (Dance Party)
40:44 ABC Soup Song
43:44 Old MacDonald V2
46:26 The Boo Boo Song V2
49:56 Get Outside Song
52:32 Cody's Father And Son Day
55:26 Soccer Song
58:17 Doctor Checkup Song (School Version)
01:00:53 The Muffin Man V2
01:03:37 Let's Build a Snow Friend
01:06:33 Excavator Song
01:09:04 Mother's Day Breakfast
01:12:17 Train Park Song
01:14:58 Bad Dream Song
01:17:56 Color Kaleidescope
01:20:41 African Melody Song
01:23:21 Row Row Stream Song
01:26:18 Jobs and Career Song
01:29:55 Cody's Bath Song
01:32:30 ABC Song with Building Blocks
01:35:23 10 Little Buses
01:38:07 Itsy Bitsy Baby
01:40:49 Hello Song
01:43:54 Yes Yes Fruits
01:47:07 Play and Tell
01:50:07 Ski Song
01:52:50 Goodbye Song
01:55:38 Pasta Song
01:58:39 Shopping Cart Song

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