ABC Alphabet Songs + Plus More Nursery Rhymes = 1 Hour Kids HD Learning Animation Videos

This Huge Collection of ABC Alphabet Songs + Nursery Rhymes is 1 Hour of our Most Popular Kids Educational Songs from our Smash DVDs "ABCs & 123s" and "Nursery School" available from Amazon:

0:08 Letters of the Alphabet
(Bob Marley Reggae Style)
3:14 Chant the Alphabet
6:05 The Alphabet Song (Busy Beavers Version)
9:05 The Color Song
12:22 Sing the Alphabet
14:34 Halloween ABCs
17:00 Play the Alphabet on Piano
18:53 5 Five Little Monkeys
21:04 The Aphabet Phonics Song
22:02 The Phonics Song
25:10 Wheels on the Bus (Yellow Bus)
27:11 Campfire ABCs
32:12 5 Five Little Ducks
35:03 Mommy Loves You Song
37:59 Counting to 10 Song
39:57 Alphabet Song Traditional
40:51 Numbers 1 - 10 Song
43:07 I Love to Sing the ABCs
46:23 Billy & Alligator Phonics Lesson
50:26 Baa Baa Black Sheep
51:25 Alphabet Backwards Song
53:24 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
54:19 Alphabet Words Lesson
58:06 Busy Beavers At Christmas Time

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